0 – 4 Weeks in 3 Days

The weeks at home have been restful and productive. The super talented and sweet band Crooked Still came to southern California on their tour and stuck around on their off day with us in LA to be our guests at the Watkins Family Hour!  I love those guys.  We hung out all afternoon at the house, rehearsing and working up new songs to do together.  The show came together really.  What a great night.  I also got to be the musical guest for the Nerdist live podcast.  Man those guys are funny.  Craig Ferguson was the other guest.  I don’t know when it will be released, but will keep you posted.

Just a few more days at home and then I hit the road for a little over a month.  The first week of the tour will be with the whole band!  We’re kicking it off in Brownfield, ME at the Stone Mnt Arts Center – about which I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from other bands who have played there.  After that we’ll go to the  Clearwater Festival in NY, Fall River, MA for the first time, Joe’s Pub in Manhattan (with a special guest!), back to Sellersville, PA and finishing the tour in New Haven, CT.  This is going to be sort of a celebration week for us, since it will be the last tour this year as a four piece. (Our friends know us as Sara Y Los Pantalones).  So come on out and we’ll all have a great time together!!

After a teary goodbye to Sebastian and Don, my brother and I will fly down to North Carolina to join up with Dar Williams for a few weeks!  We’ll be paling around, riding all over southeast and midwest with them.  Its going to be a lot of fun, I’m sure.

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