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Sun Midnight Sun, the second solo album from acclaimed singer, songwriter, and fiddle player Sara Watkins, is now available on Nonesuch Records. Produced by guitarist, singer, and songwriter Blake Mills, co-founder of the band Simon Dawes, the album features special guest appearances by Fiona Apple, Jackson Browne, Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Benmont Tench, and Sean Watkins. The album is available now to purchase at the online store and at

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Watkins Family Hour Podcast #4

Podcast #4 was recorded February 10th on two iPhones aboard the Cayamo Cruise.  The podcast features special guests Buddy Miller and Greg Leisz.


Watkins Family Hour Podcast #3

This show was recorded Nov 30th 2011 on Sara’s iPhone due to a power outage the evening. Guests are John C. Riley, Nick Kroll, Willie Watson, and Fiona Apple.


Watkins Family Hour Podcast #2

This show was recorded at Largo in Los Angeles on Sept 21st,  with the exception of  “object of my affection” which was recorded at Crowley Theater in Marfa, TX on Oct 21st.  Guests are Jackson Browne, Fiona Apple and Joe Purdy.